EX-Equipment > Клапан AMOT Model B 3BOCF

Клапан AMOT Model B 3BOCF

Датчик давления AMOT CONTROLS 4250 Hazardous Area Temperature & Pressure Switch
Система управления AMOT CONTROLS 8402G Fuel Valve System
Система мониторинга AMOT CONTROLS XTS-W Bearing Wear Monitor (BWM)
4057 / 4457 Manual & Pilot Operated 3-Way Pilot Valves
Датчик скорости AMOT CONTROLS MPD2 Metal Particle Detector
Клапан AMOT CONTROLS 8402 Gas Turbine Fuel Valve
FSX-200 Air Intake Depression Diesel Fuel Shutoff Valve
FET Diverting Filterstat (1?" to 1?” | DN32 to DN40)
Датчик скорости AMOT CONTROLS 4031 Magnetic Pickup
Model H 3-Way Thermostatic Temperature Valve (4" to 6" | DN100 to DN150)
4418F Stainless Steel High Pressure 2-Way Valve
FED Diverting Dual Filter Filterstat (1?" to 1?” | DN32 to DN40)
4064 Differential Pressure Valve
4058 / 4458 Manual & Pilot Operated 4-Way Valves
Датчик вибрации AMOT CONTROLS 4121 Vibro-Guard Vibration Switch
2230 / 4430 2-Way Temperature Sensing Valves
4420 Turbine Fuel Shutoff Valve
Датчик вибрации AMOT CONTROLS 4109 Vibro-Guard Vibration Valve
4420 Turbine Fuel Shutoff Valve
RDS3 Swing Gate Valve (3” to 4?” | 76 to 114mm)
RDS1 Swing Gate Valve (?” to 2?" | 15 to 65mm)

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