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Контроллер ТРК AMOT 8412I

4504 Temperature & Pressure Control Valve (2” | DN50)
RDS5 High Temp. Electric Swing Gate Valve (4?” to 7” | 114 to 178mm)
4418F Stainless Steel High Pressure 2-Way Valve
Контроллер AMOT CONTROLS 8071D Panel Mount Controller
Преобразователь AMOT CONTROLS 8064A Electro/Pneumatic (I/P) Converter
2180 Diaphragm Operated 2-Way Gas Valve
Датчик вибрации AMOT CONTROLS IP1 Impact Transmitter
Model C 3-Way Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve (?” -1?” | DN15 to DN40)
4155A 2-Way Temperature Sensing Valve
Контроллер AMOT CONTROLS 8072D Bulkhead Mount Controller
Датчик давления AMOT CONTROLS 4140 Pressure and Temperature Switches
Model R 3-Way Valve (?" to 3" | DN20 to DN80)
4095 2-Way Vent Valve
4087 Exhaust Gas Temperature Valve
4500D Temperature & Pressure Control Valve (2" to 4" | DN 50 to DN100)
1672 Pressure Sensing Valve
Model 2470 External Sensing 2-Way Valve (1" | DN25)
Система мониторинга AMOT CONTROLS XTS-W Shaft Earth Device Monitor (SEDM)
4023 3-Way Pressure Sensing Valve
FJA Mixing or Diverting Filterstat (?” to ?" | DN15 to DN20)
Model B 3-Way Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve (1?” to 8" | DN40 to DN200)
Датчик скорости AMOT CONTROLS RGR REVGUARD Speed Switch
4103D Temperature Detector and 4103 M, N, T, R Miniature Temperature Detector

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