EX-Equipment > Автоматический выключатель DELIXI ZN63S-24

Автоматический выключатель DELIXI ZN63S-24

CS_04 Delixi 35kv or Lower XLPE Insulation Power Cables
MCS_02 Delixi ZN85A-40.5 (3AV7) Indoor High Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker
MCS_09 Delixi ZN63S-24(VSI+) Indoor High Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker
MCS_06 Delixi 0.22kv~35kv Metal Oxide Arrester with Compound Sleeve without Gap For AC System
S_08 Delixi Miniaturized Intelligentized Pre-Fabricated Substation
CS_06 Delixi Plastic Insulation Control Cable
MCS_07 Delixi 3-10kv Three-phase Composite Metal-Oxide Arrester with Compound Sleeve for AC System
S_13 Delixi YBF-40.5/0.69 Series Pre-Fabricated Substation
sw1 Delixi KYN28A-12 Model Metal-clad AC Withdrawable Switchgear
S_02 Delixi YB22-24 Series Pre-Fabricated Substation
S_06 Delixi Underground Pre-Fabricated Substation
MS_06 Delixi GCK1 Low Voltage Extraction Type Switch Cabinet
MS_01 Delixi Metal-Clad AC Draw-Out Switchgear MS_01
S_09 Delixi Economy Pre-Fabricated Substation
CS_08 Delixi Fluoroplastics Insulat PVC Sheathed Control Cable
MS_05 Delixi Intelligent High-Frequency Swith DC Power Supply Device
TS_02 Delixi 10kv Hermetically-Sealed Distribution Transformer
CS_07 Delixi Fluoroplastics Insulation And Sheath Heat-Resistance Control Cable
TS_06 Delixi SG(B) 10 H Class Insulation Dry Type Transformer
TS_01 Delixi Hermetically-sealed Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer
CS_03 Delixi PVC Insulation and Nylon Sheathed Wires And Cables
sw2 Delixi KYN61A-40.5 Model Metal-clad AC With-drawable Switchgear
TS-09 Delixi SZ Type On-load Tap Changer Power Transformer
CS_09 Delixi Aerial Insulaton Cable with Rated Voltage 1kv or Lower
ZW8-12C Delixi Auto-recloser
cw3 Delixi Control cable
TS_08 Delixi 110KV Power Transformer
TS_07 Delixi Combined Transformer

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