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Датчик наклона Penny + Giles STT280

GD0629 Penny+Giles D Frame Solenoid
NRH280DP Penny+Giles Dual Output 'No Contact' Rotary Position Sensor
SLS320 Penny+Giles Linear Displacement Sensor
SLS130 Penny+Giles Linear Displacement Sensor
GV0624 Penny+Giles Solenoid Valve
UCM Penny+Giles Universal LVDT Signal Conditioning Module
ICT080 Penny+Giles Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer
SRS880 Penny+Giles Submersible Rotary Sensor
MT50205 Penny+Giles Tubular Solenoid (Model M115)
MM3527 Penny+Giles Holding Magnet
GC0416 Penny+Giles C Frame Solenoid
MT32134 Penny+Giles Tubular Solenoid (Model M75)
GT1152 Penny+Giles Tubular Solenoid
MT40162 Penny+Giles Tubular Solenoid (Model M90)
MT1034 Penny+Giles Tubular Solenoid (Interlock)
JC025 Penny+Giles Single Axis Fingertip Rocker
GT34102 Penny+Giles Tubular Solenoid (Model CS80)
GK0740 Penny+Giles Latching Solenoid (Permanent Magnet)
GM3522 to GM9535 Penny+Giles Holding Magnets
GD0420 Penny+Giles D Frame Solenoid
SLS095 Penny+Giles Linear Displacement Sensor
SWJ Penny+Giles Multi-Axis Switched Joystick Controller
TPS280DP Penny+Giles Contactless Throttle Position Sensor
JC100 Penny+Giles Single Axis Fingertip Joystick Controller
SRH280P/DP Penny+Giles Contactless Rotary Sensor

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