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Датчик SAUTER SGU100F010

V6R15F320 SAUTER Through valve, threaded, PN16, DN15, Kvs=1.6, =%
YZP423F001 SAUTER novaPro Open,XL Report, Reporting Tool
VUG015F324 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16/25,DN15,kvs1.6,20mm
RDP80F001 SAUTER Pneumatic averaging relay,
EY-RU314F001 SAUTER ecos5 control unit,NTC, dXs, 2 buttons, no frame
VUD SAUTER Through flanged valve, PN 6
TRT227F210 SAUTER Room therm. h/c230V (Sauter)
RAK582.4/3728 SAUTER Universal-thermostat, 15-95В°C, L=0.8m
EYI 280, 287 SAUTER novaCom, integration of alien systems
RDT 400 SAUTER Ventilation and Heating Controller
EGT354F021 SAUTER Cable detector, Ni200
DSA143F002 SAUTER Pressure monitor0-6bar, brass
YZP416F311 SAUTER novaPro Open,driver native BACnet(vpiwnbcn.dll)
DSB, DSF SAUTER Pressure monitor and pressure switch
EYZ 270 SAUTER nova270, field module (0...10 V DC)
EGQ110F001 SAUTER Duct-IAQ-transducer, 24V~, 0-10V
VUG020F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16/25,DN20,kvs6.3,20mm
EYL 215 SAUTER nova215, compactDDC
BUG125F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN25,DN125,kvs250, 40mm
EY-SU306 SAUTER ecoUnit306 - sw.unit for room contr. unit
FXV 006 SAUTER Electric distributor for control signals
AR30W23F001 SAUTER Motor drive, 230V~, 90В°=120s
BUE100F300 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/10,DN100,kvs125,40mm
EY-IO532F001 SAUTER modu532IO module 16UI
TWUP210F001 SAUTER Pneum outdoor temp transd.-20..40В°C
FXV106 SAUTER Electric distributor for heating and cooling
EQJW145F001 SAUTER Heating controller for local and district heating
AVM115SF132 SAUTER Valve drive SUT24V, 8mm=60/120s, 500N
ASV115CF152 SAUTER VAV compact controller
EY-EM520...526 SAUTER ecoLink520...526 remote IO-modul
VUP080F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN25,DN80,kvs100, 25mm
YZP480...495 SAUTER SAUTER Vision Center
BUG015F334 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/25,DN15,kvs1, 20mm
AVM105SF132 SAUTER Valve drive, SUT24V, 8mm=35/60/120s, 250N
EY-FM174F001 SAUTER Remote field module for modu225,16 DI
RCP20F001 SAUTER Pneum.controller, centair, P, fixed value, min.limit
RDT410F201 SAUTER Controller for ventilation24V~, 10 in- outputs
YZP419F201 SAUTER novaPro Open Upgrade2000 to 5000 addr., e/g/f
RLE152F001 SAUTER Volume-flow controller continuous 1-100 Pa MA-SL
EGT355F900 SAUTER Cable detector, Ni1000, L=1.5m, stem=9cm
EYS 181 SAUTER nova106, plug-in card EMAX
V6R15F300 SAUTER Through valve, threaded, PN16, DN15, Kvs=4.0, =%
BUS015F205 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN40, DN15, Kvs=4.0
EYL230F060 SAUTER DDCGrundfos
VKR050F320-UU SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN50, kvs25, 90В°
DSU101F001 SAUTER Pressure transducer, 24V~, 0-1.0b, brass detector

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