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Датчик уровня Kongsberg GL-3D

MN4119 Kongsberg Temperature sensor with cable
C-Stowage Kongsberg Planning and optimizing stowage
MN3122 Kongsberg Temperature sensor with individual wires
MN681 Kongsberg Temperature sensor with cable
GN-100 Kongsberg Thermocouple amplifier in connection box
OE14-522 Kongsberg High Definition pan and tilt zoom (PATZ) camera
0482-6010 Kongsberg Above or Below Decks Marine Day/Night Infared IP (POE) Fixed
0413-TRZ Kongsberg Tilt Rotate Zoom Underwater Camera
BHSU Kongsberg Bulk Hose Securing Unit
OE11-442 Kongsberg Underwater Flashgun
GLA-310/5 Kongsberg Radar tank gauge for gas carriers
OE10-102 Kongsberg Multi-purpose Pan & Tilt Unit
MN1847 Kongsberg Temperature Sensor Spring loaded with connection box
ML 3000 Kongsberg forklift simulator
OE11-131 Kongsberg Titanium Underwater Floodlight

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