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Датчик Detcon 370-201600-000

943-050000-000 Detcon Span gas kit complete with 500 ml fixed flow regulator, 6 foot length of tubing, humidifier,calibration sleeve/wind guard, carrying case
925-225400-100 Detcon Plug-in transmitter control module (Model IR-522)
897-850801-316 Detcon Standard 316SS junction box bottom
915-230050-050 Detcon Model SiH4-10C, 0-50 PPM Silane
377-444401-100 Detcon Carbon Monoxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-CO
961-940025-100 Detcon DM-100-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
912-760040-1X0 Detcon Model CLO2-12, 0-1 PPM Chlorine Dioxide
961-750025-005 Detcon DM-100-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
957-101050-000 Detcon Model 1010XP Nema 7, 10 channel explosion proof wall mount enclosure with line power 24 VDC power supply
976-000327-000 Detcon Model RXT-320 w/Extended lid aluminum junction box and smart battery pack
350-523081-02K Detcon Mass flow controller
975-RSTP00-624 Detcon TP-624 remote sensor separation kit
961-EG0025-100 Detcon DM-100-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly
897-850902-010 Detcon Standard aluminum junction box with extended lens cover
310-600000-000 Detcon Stainless steel bulkhead fitting 1/4 tube 1/4 tube
500-005075-001 Detcon Motherboard PCB assembly for 240-N4X
961-13002_-030- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-HCN, 0-30 PPM Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
952-053H00-500 Detcon Model 1000-H2S Manual Calibration Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzer 0-5%, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
915-050050-100 Detcon Model H2-10C, 0-100 % LEL Hydrogen
942-540212-010 Detcon Sulfur Dioxide, 10 PPM in Nitrogen, 58 liters
915-740050-010 Detcon Model CL2-10C, 0-10 PPM Chlorine
360-SWS100-024 Detcon Power supply (610-N4X)
370-12EJ00-000 Detcon Ethylene Oxide plug-in detector assembly
965-646480-010 Detcon DM-500IS-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
377-12EE01-100 Detcon Methanol plug-in sensor for DM-700-CH3OH
377-192001-005 Detcon Phosphine plug-in sensor for DM-700-PH3
912-EE0040-100 Detcon Model CH30H-12, 0-100 PPM Methanol
371-24EK00-100 Detcon Methyl Mercaptan plug-in sensor for DM-100-CH3SH
280-600000-000 Detcon Green switch cap for power switch
966-505080-100 Detcon DM-602IS-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
897-850400-010 Detcon Standard aluminum junction box solid top
966-272780-001 Detcon DM-600IS-F2 Fluorine Sensor Assembly
975-70000F-00A Detcon Remote Control / Alarm Relay Module with Foundation Fieldbus in Aluminum Enclosure Class 1; Div 1; Groups B, C, D - Zone I Group IIB+H2
371-050500-04P Detcon Hydrogen plug-in sensor for DM-100-H2 (1% & 4% range)
927-525500-100 Detcon FP-700 Catalytic Combustible Gas (ITM)
377-12EG01 -100 Detcon Acetylene plug-in sensor for DM-700-C2H2
915-EP0050-100 Detcon Model CH20-10C, 0-100 PPM Formaldehyde
967-232590-002 Detcon DM-700-GeH4 Germane Sensor Assembly
976-000306-000 Detcon Rechargeable lithium ion plug-in battery pack in Division 1 aluminum enclosure, 12 VDC, 10 AH
967-444490-100 Detcon DM-700-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
943-090092-032 Detcon Canvas carry bag with foam insert for 2 gas cylinders
95P-X32000-000 Detcon Model X40-32-N1P, integrated alarm and control system in panel mount enclosure Does not include optional I/O modules
961-21002_-005- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-B2H6, 0-5 PPM Diborane Sensor Assembly
370-12EK00-000 Detcon Methyl Mercaptan plug-in detector assembly
967-050590-04P Detcon DM-701-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
915-520050-100 Detcon Model CG-10C, 0-100 % LEL combustible gas
943-100052-000 Detcon Calibration kit for double channel Model 1000 and Sample Draw
371-191900-001 Detcon Arsine plug-in sensor for DM-100-AsH3
356-450WBO-012 Detcon Horn (Stand alone horn N4X with back box) 12VDC
371-192100-005 Detcon Diborane plug-in sensor for DM-100-B2H6
370-287724-700 Detcon Carbon Dioxide plug-in sensor for IR-700-CO2 (10-100%)
942-523122-025 Detcon Isobutylene, 25 PPM in Air, 103 liters
975-RSIR00-622 Detcon IR-622 remote sensor separation kit
977-16x000-03x Detcon Model AV1-C1D1M, Single Siren, Single Strobe
965-345420-025 Detcon DM-534 Oxygen Gas Sensor Assembly
977-26xx00-03x Detcon Model AV2-C1D1M, Single Siren, Dual Strobe
951-041040-000 Detcon Model 410-N1-24VDC Nema 1, 4 channel panel mount mainframe. Requires external 24 VDC power supply.
320-228861-103 Detcon 3 Amp Circuit Breaker/Power Switch (610-N4X, 1010-N4X)
965-262680-001 Detcon DM-500IS-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
957-XRD640-110-0_0 Detcon Model X40-RD-N7, 32 Channel Remote Display panel in cast aluminum enclosure:Class 1; Div 1; Grps C, D Requires 24VDC input
975-724288-110 Detcon Nema 7 line power 24 VDC power supply, 12.5 amps 300 Watts
965-949480-100 Detcon DM-500IS-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
961-EB002_-100- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-C4H6, 0-100 PPM Butadiene Sensor Assembly
965-393980-001 Detcon DM-500IS-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
961-330025-010 Detcon DM-100-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
377-232501-002 Detcon Germane plug-in sensor for DM-700-GeH4
961-260025-001 Detcon DM-100-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
960-202200-000 Detcon Condensation prevention packet (for J-Box replace annually)
975-SX320J-012 Detcon Model SPS-20W-DV2 20 watt Div 2 solar panel array in aluminum frame with 2" pipe mount bracket
975-424408-110 Detcon Nema 4X weatherproof 24 VDC 17 amp hour battery supply with line charger
915-EG0050-100 Detcon Model C2H2-10C, 0-100 PPM Acetylene
377-747601-050 Detcon Chlorine Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-CLO2 (0-50ppm)
377-555501-020 Detcon Sulfur Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-SO2
952-054200-E00 Detcon Model 1000-CO2 Manual Calibration Carbon Dioxide Process Analyzer 0-50%, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
912-EO0040-100 Detcon Model C2H5OH-12, 0-99 PPM Ethanol
961-07002_-01P- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-102-H2, 0-1 % Hydrogen Sensor Assembly
961-500025-100 Detcon DM-102-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
967-12EG90-100 Detcon DM-700-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly
952-054000-500 Detcon Model 1000-CO2 Manual Calibration Carbon Dioxide Process Analyzer 0-5%, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
351-900000-000 Detcon Sample draw pump, dual diaphragm, 120 VAC
965-24EK80-100 Detcon DM-500IS-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
942-010112-020 Detcon Hydrogen Sulfide, 20 PPM in Air 58 liters
897-860000-316 Detcon Mini 316SS junction box with solid lid
961-130025-030 Detcon DM-100-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
500-005074-001 Detcon Motherboard PCB assembly for 140-N4X
942-001123-000 Detcon zero Air, 103 liters
961-09002_-030- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-HCL, 0-30 PPM Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
942-540212-005 Detcon Sulfur Dioxide, 5 PPM in Nitrogen, 58 liters
965-192080-005 Detcon DM-500IS-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
961-41002_-001-_ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-COCL2, 0-1 PPM Phosgene Sensor Assembly
967-12ED90-100 Detcon DM-700-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
915-760050-001 Detcon Model CLO2-10C, 0-1 PPM Chlorine Dioxide
371-393900-001 Detcon Ozone plug-in sensor for DM-100-O3
942-521124-050 Detcon Pentane, 50% LEL in Air, 103 liters
975-724004-110 Detcon Nema 7 line power 24 VDC power supply, 4 Watts, 110VAC input
967-848490-100 Detcon DM-700-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (ppm Range)
961-770025-001 Detcon DM-101-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1 ppm)
915-410050-001 Detcon Model COCL2-10C, 0-1 PPM Phosgene
961-760025-050 Detcon DM-100-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
926-0155D0-100 Detcon Plug-in transmitter control module (Model TP-624D)

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