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Датчик Detcon DM600IS

954-X32000-000 Detcon Model X40-32-N4X, integrated alarm and control system in wall mount weatherproof enclosure w/ 110/220 VAC 24 VDC pwr supply
961-EG002_-100-___ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-C2H2, 0-100 PPM Acetylene Sensor Assembly
360-16N030-024 Detcon Din Rail Power Supply 30 Watts including breaker and overvoltage modules
975-RSPI00-600 Detcon PI-600 remote sensor separation kit
961-EB0025-100 Detcon DM-100-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
912-EB0040-100 Detcon Model C4H6-12, 0-100 PPM Butadiene
500-505000-000 Detcon Low voltage cutoff circuit, 24 VDC input, adjustable cutoff
943-002273-000 Detcon Harsh location dust guard (fits 1.5 x 18 thread)
975-70000F-00S Detcon Remote Control / Alarm Relay Module with Foundation Fieldbus in 316SS Enclosure Class 1; Div 1; Groups B, C, D - Zone I Group IIB+H2
600-003215-000 Detcon Splash guard adapter for DM/O2/PI
961-230025-050 Detcon DM-100-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
371-747500-005 Detcon Bromine plug-in sensor for DM-100-Br2
965-232380-050 Detcon DM-500IS-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
354-3206x4-xxx Detcon Strobe w/flange mount
943-004223-000 Detcon 2" pipe mount with sun shade
942-000212-010 Detcon Ammonia, 10 PPM in Nitrogen, 58 liters
356-350003-120 Detcon Replacement horn for AV1 and AV2 assemblies 120VAC
904-880S00-000 Detcon Model 880S-N4X Modbus Master gas detection control
965-12EO80-100 Detcon DM-500IS-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
943-000000-000 Detcon Calibration Sleeve/Wind Guard for use with splash guard
912-640040-010 Detcon Model NO2-12, 0-10 PPM Nitrogen Dioxide
284-200000-000 Detcon Green indicator lamp Nema 4x
957--R21610-000 Detcon NEMA 7X Remote I/O Module Enclosure includes 150 watt power supply, for use with up to 8 I/O modules
897-850000-010 Detcon Standard aluminum junction box with solid lid
370-P20000-000 Detcon Photo Ionization field replaceable plug-in detector 0-1000 PPM
360-6SD1SD-200 Detcon Line power, power supply 24 VDC, 2.4 amps
927-245500-000 Detcon DM-700-EC Electro Chemical Universal ITM
943-004221-000 Detcon Sensor Mounting Plate for 2" pipe
924-525400-100 Detcon Plug-in transmitter module (Model FP-424C)
976-000300-000 Detcon Model RXT-300 Wireless Transceiver
967-505090-100 Detcon DM-702-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
912-ED0040-100 Detcon Model C2H4-12, 0-100 PPM Ethylene
9H5-015420-100 Detcon TP-524D-HRT with HART Solid State MOS H2S Sensor Assy in alum condulet
975-343100-000 Detcon Sensor surge protector Nema 7, 3 conductor, 24 VDC
926-245502-xxx Detcon Transmitter for Echem H2S gas sensor. Last 3 digits are for range:
377-12EB01-100 Detcon Butadiene plug-in sensor for DM-700-C4H6
371-12EP00-100 Detcon Formaldehyde plug-in sensor for DM-100-CH2O
967-747690-050 Detcon DM-700-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
975-124300-000 Detcon Nema 1 line power 24 VDC power supply, 12.5 amps 300 Watts, standard 19" rack mount
943-003436-000 Detcon Harsh location water guard
500-001794-004 Detcon Connector board H2S sensors
975-000020-891 Detcon Sensor Duct Mount Kit TP
613-120000-700 Detcon Sensor splash guard with integral cal-port
390-000088-000 Detcon Low range CO2 housing assembly (does not include plug-in Sensor)
356-889321-MV0 Detcon Horn (Multivolt 24VDC, 120VAC, 240VAC)
965-191980-001 Detcon DM-500IS-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
975-041402-000 Detcon Model DI-4 four channel dry contact input module
942-200212-0X5 Detcon Phosphine, 0.5 PPM in Nitrogen, 58 liters
966-262680-001 Detcon DM-600IS-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
926-995580-000 Detcon Universal plug-in transmitter control module (DM-600IS)
961-440025-100 Detcon DM-100-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
925-5254D0-100 Detcon Plug-in transmitter module (Model FP-524D)
961-20002_-005-_ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-PH3, 0-5 PPM Phosphine Sensor Assembly
371-272700-001 Detcon Fluorine plug-in sensor for DM-100-F2
927-215500-100 Detcon IR-700-CH Infrared Combustible Hydrocarbon (ITM)
943-100050-000 Detcon Calibration Kit for single channel only
297-000000-000 Detcon Fuse, 1 amp 3AG
942-010112-050 Detcon Hydrogen Sulfide, 50 PPM in Air, 58 liters
961-EP002_-100- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-CH20, 0-100 PPM Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
370-777700-000 Detcon Chlorine Dioxide plug-in detector assembly (0-1 PPM)
328-000000-000 Detcon Panel mount fuse holder
356-350WBO-240 Detcon Horn (Stand alone horn N4X with back box) 240VAC
961-740025-010 Detcon DM-100-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
977-2U_ _0W-0U2-450 Detcon Model SW-V2-DV2 SmartWireless® Alarm Station
033-003236-000 Detcon Harsh location dust guard replacement filter
967-262690-001 Detcon DM-700-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
371-090800-030 Detcon Hydrogen Bromide plug-in sensor for DM-100-HBr
390-404142-01K Detcon PID sensor housing assembly 1000 ppm
964-525420-100 Detcon FP-424C Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor Assembly
612-400000-000 Detcon Sensor/Sintered Filter replacement wrench FP/DM/IR
399-602016-000 Detcon Stainless steel LEL sensor housings including plug-in sensor
975-041400-000 Detcon Model RL-4 four relay alarm module
965-414180-001 Detcon DM-500IS-COCL2 Phosgene Sensor Assembly
975-000020-892 Detcon Sensor Duct Mount Kit - DM Series
942-400122-02K Detcon Carbon Dioxide, 2000 PPM In Air, 103 liters
975-823585-200 Detcon Model SPS-02W-DV1 2 watt solar panel array in Division 1 aluminum enclosure with 2" pipe mount
370-365871-212 Detcon Combustible Hydrocarbon plug-in optical sensor for CH's
943-000006-132 Detcon Calibration adapter FP/IR/DM/O2
500-002226-001 Detcon Standard connector board Model series 500 IR sensors
961-200025-005 Detcon DM-100-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
371-333300-010 Detcon Hydrogen Fluoride plug-in sensor for DM-100-HF
976-041400-000 Detcon Model DA-4 four channel 4-20 maDC input module
961-410025-001 Detcon DM-100-COCL2 Phosgene Sensor Assembly
897-850901-010 Detcon Standard aluminum junction box with lens cover
975-316007-006 Detcon Remote sensor Jbox, 316 stainless steel, 6 wire terminal strip
925-995480-000 Detcon Universal plug-in transmitter control module (DM-500IS)
612-820000-000 Detcon Stainless steel LEL sensor housing with threaded insert
967-333390-010 Detcon DM-700-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
897-850800-010 Detcon Standard aluminum junction box bottom
904-880RS0-000 Detcon Model 880RS-N4X Remote display (for 880 serial input type controller) with touch screen and NEMA 4X enclosure.
371-414100-001 Detcon Phosgene plug-in sensor for DM-100-COCL2
965-242480-100 Detcon DM-500IS-H2S Sensor Assembly in Alum condulet
823-6LL200-000 Detcon Liquid level detector
966-424520-100 Detcon IR-642 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor Assembly (range 10-100%)
967-191990-001 Detcon DM-700-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
371-12EJ00-100 Detcon Ethylene Oxide plug-in sensor for DM-100-C2H4O
371-12EB00-100 Detcon Butadiene plug-in sensor for DM-100-C4H6
399-800000-000 Detcon Solid State MOS H2S Sensor in Stainless Steel Housing
975-000020-890 Detcon Sensor Duct Mount Kit LEL
912-390040-1X0 Detcon Model O3-12, 0-1 PPM Ozone
377-414101-001 Detcon Phosgene plug-in sensor for DM-700-COCL2
995-8842MA-000 Detcon Electro-optical UV/IR digital fire detector with 4-20 mA output
975-000208-9IR Detcon Sensor Duct Mount Kit IR

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