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Датчик кислорода Detcon DM634 DM-634

954-121242-000 Detcon Model 1212SS-N4X Nema 1, 12 channel stainless steel weatherproof wall mount enclosure w/line pwr 24 VDC pwr supply
975-RSIR00-522 Detcon IR-522 remote sensor separation kit
915-EJ0050-100 Detcon Model C2H4O-10C, 0-100 PPM Ethylene Oxide
943-090005-502 Detcon Regulator, fixed flow rate 200 milliliters
995-321091 Detcon D2-Bat-1 * D2-250 & D3-350 CPU Battery
967-24EK90-100 Detcon DM-700-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
975-RSDM00-600 Detcon DM-600 remote sensor separation kit
912-520040-100 Detcon Model CG-12, 0-100 % LEL combustible gas
984-200000-000 Detcon Teflon tubing 1/4 OD (price per foot)
965-555580-020 Detcon DM-500IS-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
975-000020-893 Detcon Sensor duct mount kit - 700 Series
976-000302-000 Detcon Model RXT-300 w/Stainless Steel J-Box & Terminal Board
95R-323210-000 Detcon Model MCX-32-N1R, 64 channel integrated control system in 19" rack mount hardware assembly w/ 110/220 VAC 24 VDC pwr supply
370-505000-000 Detcon Ammonia plug-indetector assembly
370-399100-000 Detcon Oxygen field replaceable plug-in sensor 400/500/600 series
943-121747-SS5 Detcon Stainess steel sample chamber (fits electrochemical, catalytic, and infrared sensor housings) Includes straight and elbow fittings.
961-550025-020 Detcon DM-100-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
377-131301-030 Detcon Hydrogen Cyanide plug-in sensor for DM-700-HCN
961-77002_-001- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-101-CLO2, 0-1 PPM Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly
975-RSFP00-524 Detcon FP-524 remote sensor separation kit
978-23xx00-0xx Detcon Model AV2-N4X, Single Siren, Dual Strobe
961-190025-001 Detcon DM-100-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
437-500000-000 Detcon Stainless steel tag
377-191901-001 Detcon Arsine plug-in sensor for DM-700-AsH3
897-850000-316 Detcon Standard 316SS junction box with solid lid
951-121240-000 Detcon Model 1212 Nema 1, 12 channel panel mount mainframe (Requires external line power 24 VDC power supply)
600-001747-SS5 Detcon Stainless steel sample chamber (fits electrochemical, catalytic, and infrared sensor housings). Does not include fittings.
371-131300-030 Detcon Hydrogen Cyanide plug-in sensor for DM-100-HCN
966-131380-030 Detcon DM-600IS-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
370-201600-700 Detcon Combustible Gas plug-in sensor for FP-700
897-850701-316 Detcon Standard 316SS junction box glass lens top
600-610000-000 Detcon Sensor splash guard w/integral cal port TP-424/TP-524/TP-624
965-24248B-100 Detcon DM-500IS-H2S Sensor Assembly in SS condulet
966-333380-010 Detcon DM-600IS-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
370-050500-000 Detcon Hydrogen LEL Range (1% and 4%) plug-in detector assy.
360-16N075-024 Detcon Din Rail Power Supply 75 Watts including breaker and overvoltage modules (recommended for use with up to 8 remote sensors)
957-041250-000 Detcon Model 412XP Nema 7, 4 channel explosion proof wall mount enclosure with line power 24 VDC power supply
912-EG0040-100 Detcon Model C2H2-12, 0-100 PPM Acetylene
942-010212-010 Detcon Hydrogen Sulfide, 10 PPM In N2, 58 liters
957-XRD640-110-4 _ 0 Detcon Model SW-X40-RD-N7, 32 Channel SmartWireless® Remote Display panel in cast aluminum enclosure: Class 1; Division 1; Groups C, D
965-505080-100 Detcon DM-502IS-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
371-232500-002 Detcon Germane plug-in sensor for DM-100-GeH4
500-502600-000 Detcon Auxiliary alarm relay board, Four 8 amp 30 VDC relays form "C" contacts
966-090980-030 Detcon DM-600IS-HCL Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
500-003087-100 Detcon Transient Protection Module
975-343002-007 Detcon Sensor RFI/EMI choke Nema 7, 7", 11 conductor
912-200040-5X0 Detcon Model PH3-12, 0-5 PPM Phosphine
995-884200-000 Detcon Electro-optical UV/IR digital fire detector with relays
942-400123-2X5 Detcon Carbon Dioxide, 2.5% in Air, 103 liters
897-860800-316 Detcon Mini 316SS junction box bottom
500-005158-200 Detcon 100 Series Display Terminal Board
912-740041-0X0 Detcon Model CL2-12, 0-10 PPM Chlorine
952-053H40-Q50 Detcon Model 1000-H2S/CO2 Manual Calibration Process H2S, 0-5% CO2, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
975-041401-000 Detcon Model AO-4 four channel analog output module
961-EP0025-100 Detcon DM-100-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
966-12EP80-100 Detcon DM-600IS-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
965-52542B-100 Detcon FP-524D-316SS Solid State MOS H2S Sensor Assembly in SS condulet
965-232580-002 Detcon DM-500IS-GeH4 Germane Sensor Assembly
95M-X32000-000 Detcon Model X40-32 integrated alarm and control module. Does not include optional I/O modules. Requires 24VDC
370-191900-000 Detcon Arsine plug-in detector assembly
943-200000-000 Detcon 1000 carbon scrubber assembly
965-015420-100 Detcon TP-524D Solid State MOS H2S Sensor Assembly in alum condulet
356-450003-012 Detcon Horn (replacement horn for AV1 and AV2 assemblies)
500-005065-007 Detcon Standard connector board Model series 400 & 500 sensors
975-3675R0-000 Detcon Z-Purge Kit with pressure switch (for Mod MCX 32 N4X)
975-110140-240 Detcon Standby battery kit for 140-N4X/240-N4X
975-703059-000 Detcon Solar System Battery Controller
912-260040-1X0 Detcon Model N2H4-12, 0-1 PPM Hydrazine
965-525420-100 Detcon FP-524D Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor Assembly
961-23002_-050-_ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-SiH4, 0-50 PPM Silane Sensor Assembly
961-390025-001 Detcon DM-100-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
977-2U_ _0W-0U2-250 Detcon Model SW-V2-DV2 SmartWireless® Alarm Station
370-232500-000 Detcon Germane plug-in detector assembly
90R-880A00-000 Detcon Model 880A-N1R Modbus Master gas detection control
952-053200-200 Detcon Model 1000-H2S Manual Calibration Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzer 0-20 ppm, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
371-12EO00-100 Detcon Ethanol plug-in sensor for DM-100-C2H5OH
943-002274-000 Detcon Harsh location dust guard (fits 7/8 x 14 thread)
915-270050-001 Detcon Model F2-10C, 0-1 PPM Fluorine
954-041052-000 Detcon Model 410SS-N4X Nema 4X, 4 channel stainless steel weatherproof wall mount with line power 24VDC PS
975-724172-110 Detcon Nema 7 line power 24 VDC power supply, 6.25 amps 150 Watts
966-646480-010 Detcon DM-600IS-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
977-1U_00W-1U2-450 Detcon Model SW-AV1-DV2 SmartWireless® Alarm Station complete
370-201600-000 Detcon Combustible gas field replaceable plug-in sensor
942-010212-005 Detcon Hydrogen Sulfide, 5 PPM in Nitrogen, 58 liters
961-080025-030 Detcon DM-100-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
967-555590-020 Detcon DM-700-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
943-001767-5RG Detcon Regulator for highly reactive gases (CL2, HCl, HCN), fixed flow rate 500 ml
602-003152-000 Detcon Bottom housing assembly for FP/TP/IR - includes flame arrestor
354-4950x6-120 Detcon Strobe
952-053H00-B00 Detcon Model 1000-H2S Manual Calibration Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzer 0-3000 ppm, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
995-323220-100 Detcon D2-DCM Data communication module
961-EO0025-100 Detcon DM-100-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
975-70005H-00A Detcon Hart Integration Module in Aluminum Enclosure Class 1; Div 1; Groups B, C, D - Zone I Group IIB+H2
975-BP330J-012 Detcon Model SPS-30W-DV2 30 watt Div 2 solar panel array in aluminum frame with 2" pipe mount bracket
912-400041-X00 Detcon Model CO2-12, 0-1 % Carbon Dioxide
966-12ED80-100 Detcon DM-600IS-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
371-192000-005 Detcon Phosphine plug-in sensor for DM-100-PH3
951-TP0000-TTF Detcon TP Transmitter Test Fixture for Model Series TP-424, TP-524 and TP-624 Transmitters
957-XRD640-110-0_ 0 Detcon Model X40-RD-N7, 32 Channel Remote Display panel in cast aluminum enclosure: Class 1; Div 1; Grp C, D Requires 24VDC input
915-EZ0050-100 Detcon Model C2H5SH-10C, 0-100 PPM Ethyl Mercaptans
370-12ED00-000 Detcon Ethylene plug-in detector assembly
961-55002_-020-_ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-SO2, 0-20 PPM Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
943-000006-038 Detcon Calibration adapter TP

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