EX-Equipment > Датчик газа Detcon FP-424C с Killark SPM26129

Датчик газа Detcon FP-424C с Killark SPM26129

377-848401-100 Detcon Hydrogen plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2 (ppm range)
977-1U_00W-1U2-250 Detcon Model SW-AV1-DV2 SmartWireless® Alarm Station
966-050580-04P Detcon DM-601IS-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (% Range)
915-ED0050-100 Detcon Model C2H4-10C, 0-100 PPM Ethylene
995-508803-500 Detcon FA-ISOCON * Isolated RS232 to RS422
954-081052-000 Detcon Model 810SS-N4X Nema 4X, 8 channel stainless steel weatherproof wall mount with line power 24VDC PS
912-050040-100 Detcon Model H2-12, 0-100 % LEL Hydrogen
370-393900-000 Detcon Ozone plug-in detector assembly
90R-880S00-000 Detcon Model 880S-N1R Modbus Master gas detection control
961-05002_-04P- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-101-H2, 0-100 % LEL Hydrogen Sensor Assembly
961-26002_-001- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-N2H4, 0-1 PPM Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
961-84002_-100- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-H2, 0-100 PPM Hydrogen Sensor Assembly
915-640050-010 Detcon Model NO2-10C, 0-10 PPM Nitrogen Dioxide
966-747480-010 Detcon DM-600IS-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
961-08002_-030- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-Hbr, 0-30 PPM Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
897-850702-010 Detcon Standard aluminum junction box extended glass lens top
942-520124-025 Detcon Methane, 25% LEL in Air, 103 liters
954-XRD640-110 Detcon Model X40-RD-N4x, 32 Channel SmartWireless® Remote Display panel in in Molded ABS enclosure: Non-hazardous weatherproof wall mounted
915-190050-001 Detcon Model AsH3-10C, 0-1 PPM Arsine
344-400000-000 Detcon 12V 7Ah Battery
966-747680-050 Detcon DM-600IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
942-840124-050 Detcon Hydrogen, 50% LEL in Air, 103 liters
915-EB0050-100 Detcon Model C4H6-10C, 0-100 PPM Butadiene
377-P20000-01K Detcon Photo Ionization plug-in sensor for PI-701-1K (0-1000ppm)
975-RSTP00-524 Detcon TP-524 remote sensor separation kit
394-242400-xxx* Detcon Intrinsically Safe sensor housing with pre-preamp circuit *Specify range
370-747400-000 Detcon Chlorine plug-in detector assembly
942-523122-005 Detcon Isobutylene, 5 PPM in Air, 103 liters
370-262600-000 Detcon Hydrazine plug-in detector assembly
281-200000-000 Detcon LED for power and alarm disable switch
967-12EB90-100 Detcon DM-700-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
311-100000-000 Detcon Stainless steel "elbow" fitting 1/4 tube 1/8 NPT
961-240025-100 Detcon DM-100-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
965-070780-01P Detcon DM-502IS-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (1% Range)
977-2U_ _0W-1U2-250 Detcon Model SW-AV2-DV2 SmartWireless® Alarm Station
961-64002_-010- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-NO2, 0-10 PPM Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
4040-H2S32-Nxx Detcon H2S Housing Assembly. Last 2 digits are for range: 010=10ppm, 020=20ppm, etc
377-343400-025 Detcon Oxygen plug-in sensor for DM-700-O2
961-24002_-100- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-H2S, 0-100 PPM Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
500-005079-000 Detcon 4-20 mA Output Module 140/240
912-EZ0040-100 Detcon Model C2H5SH-12, 0-100 PPM Ethyl Mercaptans
952-053H00-900 Detcon Model 1000-H2S Manual Calibration Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzer 0-1000 ppm, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
975-BP340J-012 Detcon Model SPS-40W-DV2 40 watt Div 2 solar panel array in aluminum frame with 2" pipe mount bracket
975-70000A-00S Detcon Remote Control / Alarm Relay Module in 316SS Enclosure Class 1; Div 1; Groups B, C, D - Zone I Group IIB+H2
823-600000-000 Detcon Moisture knockout assembly with coalescent filter
925-405400-003 Detcon Plug-in transmitter control module (Model IR-540)
377-232301-050 Detcon Silane plug-in sensor for DM-700-SiH4
985-241100-321 Detcon In-line humidifying tube
967-232390-050 Detcon DM-700-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
954-827280-032- 2 _ 0 Detcon Model SW-HMI-32-N4X, 32 Channel SmartWireless® HMI panel in Molded ABS enclosure: Non-hazardous weatherproof
976-000326-000 Detcon Model RXT-320 w/Extended lid aluminum junction box and smart battery pack and loop powered display
915-330050-010 Detcon Model HF-10C, 0-10 PPM Hydrogen Fluoride
371-12EE00-100 Detcon Methanol plug-in sensor for DM-100-CH3OH
972-071170-00L Detcon Model SD-2x1 dual sensor, single pump sample draw manifold, Nema 7 explosion proof enclosure, 110 VAC power input
967-777790-001 Detcon DM-701-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1 ppm)
952-053200-700 Detcon Model 1000-H2S Manual Calibration Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzer 0-50 ppm, 24VDC/110VAC/220VAC
975-SX310J-012 Detcon Model SPS-10W-DV2 10 watt Div 2 solar panel array in aluminum frame with 2" pipe mount bracket
912-EJ0040-100 Detcon Model C2H4O-12, 0-100 PPM Ethylene Oxide
967-12EE90-100 Detcon DM-700-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
370-12EB00-000 Detcon Butadiene plug-in detector assembly
965-090880-030 Detcon DM-500IS-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
370-555500-000 Detcon Sulfur Dioxide plug-in detector assembly
966-393980-001 Detcon DM-600IS-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
965-22542B-100 Detcon IR-522 Infrared Combustible Hydrocarbon Sensor Assembly in SS condulet
912-EP0040-100 Detcon Model CH20-12, 0-100 PPM Formaldehyde
370-3658CH-700 Detcon Combustible Hydrocarbon plug-in sensor for IR-700-CH
965-405420-005 Detcon IR-540 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor Assembly (range 0-5%)
371-555500-020 Detcon Sulfur Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-100-SO2
915-140050-030 Detcon Model HCL-10C, 0-30 PPM Hydrogen Chloride
915-000050-100 Detcon Model NH3-10C, 0-100 PPM Ammonia
915-200050-005 Detcon Model PH3-10C, 0-5 PPM Phosphine
954-161052-000 Detcon Model 1610SS-N4X Nema 4X, 16 channel stainless steel weatherproof wall mount with line power 24VDC PS
964-015420-100 Detcon TP-424C Solid State MOS H2S Sensor Assembly
360-2424TS-100 Detcon 24-24V DC to DC converter assembly
377-242401-100 Detcon Hydrogen Sulfide plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2S
966-344520-025 Detcon DM-634 Oxygen Gas Sensor Assembly
823-657236-000 Detcon Genie probe regulator
912-410040-1X0 Detcon Model COCL2-12, 0-1 PPM Phosgene
976-000322-000 Detcon Wireless Integration RXT 320 in 316SS Enclosure Class 1; Div 1; Groups B, C, D - Zone I Group IIB+H2
951-081040-000 Detcon Model 810-N1-24VDC Nema 1, 8 channel panel mount mainframe. Requires external 24 VDC power supply.
961-EE0025-100 Detcon DM-100-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
823-101085-882 Detcon Genie membrane filter
311-200000-000 Detcon Stainless steel "straight" fitting 1/4 tube 1/8 NPT
943-001781-5AM Detcon Regulator for NH3, fixed flow rate 500 milliliters
961-050025-04P Detcon DM-101-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
967-P15520-010 Detcon PI-700-VOC Volatile Organic Compound Sensor Assembly
942-140212-025 Detcon Hydrogen Chloride, 25 PPM in Nitrogen, 58 liters
912-750040-5X0 Detcon Model Br2-12, 0-5 PPM Bromine
942-440122-050 Detcon Carbon Monoxide, 50 PPM in Air, 103 liters
961-25002_-002- _ _ _ Detcon Model SW-DM-100-GeH4, 0-2 PPM Germane Sensor Assembly
500-005158-100 Detcon Current to RS-485 Converter
371-343400-025 Detcon Oxygen Deficiency sensor for DM-100-O2
377-393901-001 Detcon Ozone plug-in sensor for DM-700-O3
943-004365-000 Detcon Wireless Sensor Mounting Plate
975-343100-024 Detcon Sensor surge protector Nema 7, 6 conductor, 24 VDC
965-747580-005 Detcon DM-500IS-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
377-949401-100 Detcon Nitric Oxide plug-in sensor for DM-700-NO
377-050501-04P Detcon Hydrogen plug-in sensor for DM-700-H2 (1% & 4% range)
954-081250-000 Detcon Model 812-N4X Nema 4X, 8 channel weatherproof wall mount enclosure with line power 24 VDC power supply, 110/220 VAC
951-O20000-TTF Detcon O2 Transmitter Test Fixture for Model Series DM-534 and DM-634 Transmitters
977-2T_ _0W-1T2-250 Detcon Model SW-AV2-DV1 SmartWireless® Alarm Station
371-282800-050 Detcon Chlorine Dioxide plug-in sensor for DM-100-CLO2 (0-50ppm)
915-540050-020 Detcon Model SO2-10C, 0-20 PPM Sulfur Dioxide
370-747500-000 Detcon Bromine plug-in detector assembly
912-230040-050 Detcon Model SiH4-12, 0-50 PPM Silane
370-131300-000 Detcon Hydrogen Cyanide plug-in detector assembly
943-7L0000-000 Detcon Molecular sieve filter assembly

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