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Гигростат SAUTER HSC101F001

TSHK643F001 SAUTER Fan-Coil roomthermostat, 230V, 3switches, H/C, 4pipes
EYL 210 SAUTER nova210, compactDDC
RDT 708 SAUTER Ctrlr for vent.& air-cond for compact sys
YZP481F120 SAUTER S.V.C. 10000 Objectsno maintenance
EYZ 101 SAUTER UPS for compact AS and field modules
EYZ 292 SAUTER novaNet292 ethernet interface
EY-FM270 SAUTER Field module4 AO (0...10V)
B6R25F200 SAUTER 3way valve, threaded conn.PN16, DN25, Kvs=10, lin
BUD100F300 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN6,DN100,kvs124, 40mm
ASF113F122 SAUTER Actuator, spring return, 3pt24V, 90В°=90s, 7Nm,
RUP105F001 SAUTER Pn.press.contr./transducer0-5mb
ASF112F122 SAUTER Actuator, spring return, 2pt24V, 90В°=90s, 7Nm,
VKR015F300-FF SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN15, kvs10, 90В°
TRT218F212 SAUTER Electronic Thermostat24V,blind
TWUP SAUTER Outdoor-temperature transducer
VKR025F310-UU SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN25, kvs10, 90В°
EY-CM731F020 SAUTER Comm. module moduComM-Bus+EIA232, M-Bus (M)
ASF 113S SAUTER Damper drive w. spring ret. & positioner
EYE201F001 SAUTER Individual-room controller
EY-RC415 SAUTER ecos415 - Room Automat. Station VAV light
BUS050F205 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN40, DN15, Kvs=40
ASF122F222 SAUTER Actuator, spring return, 2pt24V~, 90s, 18Nm, cont.auxil.
VUP040F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN25,DN40,kvs25, 14mm
EYS 180 SAUTER novaNet180 repeater
AR30 W2.S SAUTER Motor drive with positioner
VUP100F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN25,DN100,kvs160, 40mm
VUG015F334 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16/25,DN15,kvs1, 20mm
VCL010...032 SAUTER 2-way control valve Valveco
NRT220F021 SAUTER Room-temp.contr, heat/cool24V~, 2 relays
BKR015F340-FF SAUTER 3-way control ball valvePN40, DN15, kvs1.6, 90В°
VUP050F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN25,DN50,kvs40, 25mm
EGT355F901 SAUTER Cable type temperature sensor Ni1000, L=160/190
DSDU103F020 SAUTER Diff.pressure transducer, 24V~, 0-2.5b
AKM 115S F132 SAUTER Drehantrieb SUT f?r Kugelhahn
ASF112F120 SAUTER Actuator, spring return, 2pt230V, 90В°=90s, 7Nm,
VUG050F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16/25,DN50,kvs40,20mm
EY-IO570 SAUTER modu570 - I/O analogue outp. & univ. inp.
BUG040F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/25,DN40,kvs25,20mm
AVF 124 SAUTER Valve drive with spring return
DSH170F001 SAUTER Pressure limiter, max15-40bar, stainless
YZP419F301 SAUTER novaPro Open Upgrade5000 to 65000 addr., e/g/f
GZS100F599 SAUTER CASE ToolsCD latest Version
RVP 11 SAUTER Volume-amplifying relay
BUS015F215 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN40, DN15, Kvs=2.5
DSH143F001 SAUTER Pressure limiter, max0,5-6bar, stainless
XMP0/120TF001 SAUTER Pneum pressure gauge, 0-120В°C (0.2-1b)

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