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Индикатор Alstom Limelight DFI-100-340F

Agile P544 ALSTOM line differential with subcycle distance
F35 ALSTOM Gas-insulated Substations up to 170 kV
Agile P341 ALSTOM dynamic line rating and DG interconnection
DT1-245 ALSTOM Dead tank circuit breaker for 245 kV
GL 308-309 ALSTOM Live tank circuit breaker from 52 kV up to 72.5 kV
Alstom Reason T1000 ALSTOM Managable Switch
CCV/CC ALSTOM Capacitor Voltage Transformer (up to 1200 kV)
GL 309-310 ALSTOM wo 72.5-100 kV withdrawable outdoor circuit breaker
GL 100-F1 ALSTOM 72-100 20 wo 72.5-100 kV withdrawable outdoor circuit breaker
MBCI ALSTOM pilot wire line differential
DSWatch ALSTOM E-Commissioning system for disconnectors
BiTRONICS M653 ALSTOM Measurement Centre
PRiMA ALSTOM plug-in auxiliary relays
B65 ALSTOM Gas insulated Substations up to 145 kV
Agile P14D ALSTOM Directional feeder management IEDs
Agile P747 ALSTOM multi-zone centralised busbar
BiTRONICS M650 ALSTOM Measurement Centre
KOTEF ALSTOM Combined Current and Voltage Transformer (up to 420 kV)
MaxSineTM ALSTOM eStorage
MU AGILE XMU 820 ALSTOM merging unit
MVAJ 05x/10x/20x ALSTOM trip relays
COSI ALSTOM Digital Instrument Transformers
Agile P14N ALSTOM Non-directional feeder management IEDs

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