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INOR LCD-H11 индикатор

INOR APAQ-3HPT (Pt1000) In-Head Transmitter 70AP3H0002
INOR APAQ-3HPT 3-wire In-Head Transmitter
INOR APAQ-HCFX (ATEX) In-Head Transmitter 70APHCFX01
INOR APAQ-LR DIN-Rail Transmitter 70APLR0001
INOR DA562 4-wire Isolation Transmitter
INOR DB537 2-wire DIN-Rail Transmitter
INOR Head mounting kit In-Head Transmitter 70ADA00017
INOR IPAQ C520 2-wire In-Head Transmitter
INOR IPAQ C520S In-Head Transmitter 70C5200S10
INOR IPAQ R520 DIN-Rail Transmitter 70R5200010
INOR IPAQ-21L 1-Ch., Plug-in terminals DIN-Rail Transmitter 70IP21L001
INOR IPAQ-21LX, Ex, 1-Ch., Plug-in terminals DIN-Rail Transmitter 70IP21LX02
INOR IPAQ-22LX, Ex, 2-Ch., Plug-in terminals DIN-Rail Transmitter 70IP22LX02
INOR IPAQ-L(mA) 2-wire DIN-Rail Transmitter
INOR IPAQ-L(mA), current input only DIN-Rail Transmitter 70IPL00003
INOR IsoPAQ-110L Isolator
INOR IsoPAQ-110R4-20 mA /4-20mA Transmitter Repeater 70ISC11011
INOR IsoPAQ-12L Isolator
INOR IsoPAQ-131 0-20mA/0-20mA Isolation Transmitter 70ISC13112
INOR IsoPAQ-131 0-20mA/4-20mA Isolation Transmitter 70ISC13114
INOR IsoPAQ-22L2-channel,0(4)-20mA Isolator 70ISL22001
INOR IsoPAQ-30P 4-wire Isolation Transmitter
INOR IsoPAQ-40P 4-wire Isolation Transmitter
INOR IsoPAQ-40P Isolation Transmitter 70ISP40001
INOR IsoPAQ-41P 0-10V/0-10V Isolation Transmitter 70ISP41056
INOR IsoPAQ-41P 0-20mA/0 -20mA Isolation Transmitter 70ISP41012
INOR IsoPAQ-41P 4-20mA/0-10V Isolation Transmitter 70ISP41036
INOR IsoPAQ-60P Isolation Transmitter 70ISP60001
INOR IsoPAQ-80S 4-wire Isolation Transmitter
INOR LCD-W12 Direct Connection to PROFIPAQF ield Indicator
INOR LED-W11X Indicator 70LEDW11X1
INOR ME544, 115 VAC Power Supply 51MOE00112
INOR ME544, 19-60 VDC Power Supply 51MOE00011
INOR MESO-HX (ATEX) In-Head Transmitter 70MEHX0001
INOR PC Configuration Kit In-Head Transmitter 70CFG00092
INOR PROF IPAQ-L Profibus-PA DIN-Rail Transmitter
INOR Pipe mounting kit 70ADA00021
INOR SR360, 24 VAC/DC Alarm Unit 70SR360001
INOR SR535, 0-150 °C, 19-60 VDC Alarm Unit 51MOE00013
INOR SR560, 0(40)-20 mA, 115 VAC Alarm Unit 51MOE00017
INOR SR560, 0(40)-20 mA, 19-60 VDC Alarm Unit 51MOE00015
INOR Transmitter mounting kit 70ADA00032

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