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Интерфейс оператора Horner Electric HE693OIU277G

HE693RLY100 Horner Модуль вывода, вход перем. тока/релейные выходы (изолированные)
HE579THM100 Horner Isolated Thermocouple Input Module, 4 channel. Supports J, K, T, E, R, S, C, mV. 0.1°C or F resolution. 0.1% accuracy, typical (varies by type and temperature range)
HE800DNM650 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE693STP311 Horner STP310 with Optical Isolation Independent accel/decel
HE500CBL036 Horner AB PLC5 to TIU cable (except 100/110)
HE693OIU357-E Horner OIU, VF Display with Function Keys and LED's, European Chars., 80-260VAC
HE693OIU907 Horner Full-sized Genius VF OIU powered by 80-240VAC
HE500OCS063 Horner Mini OCS
HE599COS100 Horner SmartRail I/O
HE693THM809 Horner 8 ch. J, K, N, T, E, R, S, 0.5 degC resolution, degC/degF engr. Units
HE693PBM200 Horner
HE999GEF250 Horner OCS 250 Starter Kit. 8DI/8DO. Includes OCS250, DIQ616, Progr. Cable, Software & Manuals on CD.
HE599DAC106 Horner SmartRail I/O
HE579RTD100 Horner Isolated RTD Input Module, 4 channel. Supports Pt-100 & Pt-1000. 0.1°C or F resolution. 0.1% accuracy, typical
HE500CBL041 Horner HITACHI EH150 to TIU cable (except 100/110)
ACC114 Horner Screw-Type I/O Plug, 14 Pin (10 pk)
HE693RTD665 Horner Модуль ввода сигнала от термосопротивления, изолированный
HE697THM260 Horner 8 Channel Thermocouple Input Module for 90 70
HE500TIU112-02 Horner Operator Station TIU110, 8x20, LCD, Num Keypad + Profibus + RTC
HE693RLY100 Horner 8 pt Unfused Relay Module for Series 9030 Rated to 8 2 NO/NO 6 NO.
HE599CTF100 Horner DIN-rail mounted media converter
HEXE220C113 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HE800DQM406 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE693ASC222 Horner Basic Module
HE693ADC816 Horner 16-bit resolution, 8 channel, +/- 10VDC HS
HE693IBM235 Horner Terminal emulation SW/ 3.5 inch disk
HE-NX250 Horner Next generation Control System
HE693HHP232 Horner Hand Held Programmer Emulation Software (and hardware)
HE697RTM700 Horner TRU Master Module 90-70
HE693PWR524 Horner Power supply adapter for Series 90-30 to allow for redundant power sup plies.
HE359STG000A Horner Signal Conditioner
NX251T Horner NX TIU
HE693RTD601 Horner 3-wire, 0.125C res., -100 to +260C range (Pt-1 00), RTD Input, 6 channel
HE-SS-240-4C1 Horner SmartServo System
HE693SNP900 Horner Series 90-30 with 1 RS-232 port and 1 RS-485 port SNP slave module
OCS200 Horner Text OCS
HE670RLY168 Horner Field Control 16 point High Current Relay Output 15 Form A Form C Contact
HE693THM667 Horner Series 90-30 7 channel thermocouple input module
HECX116 Horner Remote Control Station
HE693DAC410 Horner 4ch., +/-10Vdc Analog Output Module, 2000Vac Isolation, 14-bit resolut ion

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