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Испаритель HTE EC_SERIES D1

E_10 HTE Heat Exchanger 700kW
F_10 HTE Heat Exchanger 6kW
WH_V22 HTE Drycooler 50kW
C_10 HTE Heat Exchanger 700kW
CU_J22 HTE Remote Condenser 50kW
WH_J11 HTE Drycooler 20kW
EC_V11 HTE Evaporator 10kW
AXIAL_AC080 HTE Axial Fan
CU_X22 HTE Remote Condenser 50kW
CU_T11 HTE Remote Condenser 25kW
EI_H17 HTE Evaporator 200kW
R_10 HTE Heat Exchanger 700kW
CU_T19 HTE Remote Condenser 600kW
RU_J11 HTE Heat Pump Unit 25kW
F_8 HTE Heat Exchanger 2kW
WI_H11 HTE Air Cooler 10kW
WH_X29 HTE Drycooler 1200kW
FU_J22 HTE Free Cooling Unit 50kW
W_10 HTE Heat Exchanger 500kW
AXIAL_EC045 HTE Axial Fan
WH_H19 HTE Drycooler 600kW
CU_M29 HTE Remote Condenser 1200kW
CU_X29 HTE Remote Condenser 1200kW
WI_X21 HTE Air Cooler 20kW
FU_T19 HTE Free Cooling Unit 600kW
RU_V22 HTE Heat Pump Unit 50kW
EC_H17 HTE Evaporator 200kW
EI_X21 HTE Evaporator 10kW
WC_D11 HTE Air Cooler 10kW
EC_A11 HTE Evaporator 10kW
CU_M22 HTE Remote Condenser 50kW
WM_D11 HTE Air Cooler 10kW

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