EX-Equipment > Компактный горн с маячком AET F100BX

Компактный горн с маячком AET F100BX

TS6 AET Mini-edge for pinch point applications
APELOHLED5 AET Recordable Sounder with LED Beacon
WB/DWB AET Flashing Warning Lights, 2.5 or 5 Joules
AETELCOM AET Industrial Weatherproof Intercom Telephone
501/423 AET ATEX HAWKE - IECEx glands for non-armoured cables
DGH21 AET Signalling Hooter 105 dB @ 1 m, IP66
AP8 AET Control panel for 8 zones
PRSU4 AET Control Unit - SIL2
CA50-28 AET Safety Padlocks
FERNTEL3-VOIP AET SIP, Waterproof and robust industrial VOIP Telephone
2410 StealthLiteв„ў AET LED Flashlight for Zone 0
O530B AET Combined OptasonВ® Alarm Sounder 105 dB @ 1 m with Rotating Beacon O300
PK AET Piezoelectric buzzer
BEXS110 AET High output Electronic Siren - 117 dB
BEXCP4BG AET Intrinsically safe Break Glass Call Point
GNExCP6BG AET Break Glass call points GRP
ISMA1 AET Intrinsically Safe Electronic Siren
VR-1T-VOIP AET Handsfree Vandal Resistant Telephone
L101X AET Compact Strobe Beacon, 5 Joules
GNExL2 AET Loudspeaker 25 Watts, FRP, SIL2, ATEX and IECEx, ZONES 1 and 2
MCA112 AET Combined Waterproof siren TonaflashВ® 112 dB @ 1 m with strobe beacon, 5 Joules
L101LIS AET Intrinsically safe LED Beacon
2690 Z0 - HeadsUp Liteв„ў AET ATEX LED Head Flashlight for Zone 0
SYNTHEPARKВ® AET Integrate card of voice synthesis
BEXBG10 AET Xenon Beacon - 10 Joules, IP67
O200 AET Surface mounting LED OPTASON В®
DLX105 AET Combined Alarm sounder and flashing light for harsh industrial environments
FERNTELW AET Robust Industrial Weatherproof Telephone
PELI LAMP 2000 - Sabrelite AET Compact Flashlight
BEXCP4BP AET Intrinsically safe Push Button Call Point
AT4ADF AET Omni-directional Siren ultra powerful turbine - 144 dB @ 1m
BEXCP3BG AET Break Glass Call Point
A101M1 AET Fire resistant Foam Edge Guards - AmortiflexВ®
WBR AET Flashing Warning Lights, 5 Joules
O50 AET Pilot light OPTASONВ®
SUPGOUTM1 AET Fire Resistant Foam Edge Guards - AmortiflexВ®
PL626 - GRP AET ATEX Junction box
O540D AET Combined OptasonВ® Alarm Sounder 121 dB @ 1 m with Rotating Beacon Г?400
AT2 AET Omni directional Siren with ultra powerful turbine - 130 dB

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