EX-Equipment > Контроллер GE HORNER ELECTRIC HE697BEM600


HE693SER300 Horner Series 90-30 sequential event recorder, uses standard inputs
HE-XKIT Horner Adapter kit designed for no-IO models
HE500TIU201 Horner Operator Station TIU200, 16x40, LCD/Graph, Num/Funct Keypad + Cscan
HE693ASC224 Horner Basic Module
HE693SNP940 Horner 1 RS-485 port SNP slave module for Series 90-30 with 1 RS-232 port
HE579DAC207 Horner Analogue Output Module. 8 Isolated Analogue Outputs (mA, V), 14-bit resolution
HE599MIX116 Horner SmartRail I/O
HE459DIM710 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE693RTD665-18 Horner RTD Isolated Input Module (6 Channels), 0,5?C resolution, 50Hz Filter, Special Version
HE599CNX100 Horner SmartRail I/O
DIS00058 Horner Real Time Clock and Battery Backed SRAM (512 kB)
HEXE220C114 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HEXT350C212 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HELX280C100 Horner VGA low cost Touch Screen Controller
HE500CBL222 Horner Program download cable PC to TIUxxx Operator Stations
HE800CBF000 Horner SmartStack FOX Cable Pair, Plastic, 0.5 or 0.6m length
HEXT391C113 Horner XL7, 7" WVGA TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE693SNP232 Horner SNP to RS-232 Adapter only
HEXE220C000 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HE500TIU20X Horner Mono Graphics TIU
HE500TIU113 Horner Operator Station TIU110, 8x20, LCD, Num Keypad + DeviceNet
HE800PBS600 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE-XPBS Horner Integrated Profibus DP Slave Module
HE670ADC830 Horner Field Control 8 Channel Analog Input Module 0 to 10Vdc and +/-10Vdc
HE610PER200 Horner
HE800MIX912 Horner SmartStack I/O
OCS300 Horner Colour-Touch
HE599ESW401 Horner DIN-rail mounted 5-port 10/100 Ethernet switch (unmanaged). 4-ports copper (RJ45), 1 port Fiber (multimode SC). 12-48Vdc powered, dual-power supply, metal construction.
HE610THM200 Horner
HE500TIU111-02 Horner Operator Station TIU110, 8x20, LCD, Num Keypad + Cscan + RTC
HE500TIU101-02 Horner Operator Station TIU100, 8x20, LCD + Cscan + RTC
HEXT350C215 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE359RTD100 Horner 4 channel RTD Input Module
HE693RTD666 Horner RTD input module for Series 90-30 with 700VDC bus-isolation 6 channel
HE409DQM606 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE559DIM710 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE500CBL034 Horner AB MicroLogic to TIU cable (except 100/110)
HE500CBL009 Horner HITACHI EH150 to TIU100/110 cable
HE200GPS183 Horner GPS Receiver
HE359DAC107 Horner 4 channel Analog Voltage or Current Output Module 0-20mA / 0-10V
HE-SS-130-2C1 Horner SmartServo System

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