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Контроллер SAUTER NRT105F011

V6R50F300 SAUTER Through valve, threaded, PN16, DN50, Kvs=35, =%
EY-RU214F001 SAUTER ecos2 control unit NTC,dXs, 2 buttons, no frame
EGS 52/15 SAUTER Remote-control unit
EY-AM300F001 SAUTER Application Master moduNet300 novaNet-BACnet, 24V~/=
VKR050F320-FF SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN50, kvs25, 90В°
EYS 124 SAUTER nova106, plug-in card U/I/R measurement
YZP480F099 SAUTER SAUTER Vision CenterDVD only
EY-RU210F001 SAUTER ecos2 control unit,NTC,noframe
EQJW 135 SAUTER Heating controller for boiler control
BUL010F300 SAUTER Small 3-way valve, DN10PN16, G1/2A, Kvs=1.6, =%
V6R15F330 SAUTER Through valve, threaded, PN16, DN15, Kvs=1.0, =%
EY-IO572 SAUTER modu572 - I/O-module, AO, UI, DI
ESL 116, 125 SAUTER Electronic power control unit
YZP427F002 SAUTER novaPro Open,FPS Single Flat Optical USB Desktop
EYB250F202 SAUTER User panel
FCIU100F021 SAUTER Fume cupboard interface unit, 24V~, PI
EGQ 212, 222 SAUTER Transducer for CO2 and temp.
XMP0/20AFF002 SAUTER Pneum pressure gauge, 0-20g/kg, (0.2-1b)
RCP 40 SAUTER Damper control unit
ASM 124 SAUTER Damper drive 18 Nm
RLP 100 SAUTER Pneumatic air-volume controller
VUG065F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN25,DN65,kvs63,40mm
AXM 217S SAUTER Motor drive for unit valves, continuous
EYZ291F005 SAUTER novaNet291, RouterUL (RS-232, 115 V~)
BUE SAUTER Three-way flanged valve, PN 16/10
BUG025F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/25,DN25,kvs10, 20mm
DSDU SAUTER Transducer for differential pressure
EY-AS525 SAUTER modu525 - modular AS with BACnet/IP
AVN 224S SAUTER SUT valve drive with safety function
YZP420F004 SAUTER novaPro Open,older Version update to actual version
DSF125F001 SAUTER Pressure monitor-1-1,5bar, stainless
EY-FM164 SAUTER moduLink164 - field module, digit. outputs
EY-IO531F001 SAUTER modu531IO module 16DI
AR30W23SF020 SAUTER Motor drive, positioner, 24V~, 90В°=120s
EY-AS420 SAUTER modu420 - Automation Station
DSB146F001 SAUTER Pressure monitor0-10bar, brass
AKM115F120 SAUTER Rotary drive f. ball valve2/3pt, 230V~, 120s, 90В°
VKR032F320-UU SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN32, kvs10, 90В°
BUD065F300 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN6,DN65,kvs49, 20mm
ASV115CF152I SAUTER VAV-Compact hlcASV115, 150Pa, 3..15s
VCL015F210 SAUTER Valveco, reg valve-dyn/hyd, PN16, DN15, 90-450l/h
VUL015F310 SAUTER Small through valve, DN15PN16, G3/4A, Kvs=2.5, =%
EY-LO625.670 SAUTER modu625...670-loc. op. and sign. units
NRT105F011 SAUTER Electronic Fan-coil contr.110-230V~, Relay
XSP 31. SAUTER Pneumatic positioner
RLP 10 SAUTER Pneumatic volume-flow controller

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