EX-Equipment > Маяк E2S BExBG15

Маяк E2S BExBG15

B400FLF E2S Blinking Beacon [Filament Lamp]
AL112NX E2S Alarm Sounder Xenon Beacon
IS-CP4A-PB E2S Push Button Call Point
IS-pA1 E2S Panel Mount Sounder
STB2 E2S Xenon LED Tower
STB3 E2S Xenon LED Tower
SONFL1H E2S Alarm Sounder LED Beacon
H110TL E2S Trumpet Horn LED Beacon
DL105AXH E2S Appello X Recordable Sounder LED Beacon
B200FLF E2S Blinking Beacon [Filament Lamp]
GNExCP6A-PT E2S Tool Reset Call Point
MB010 E2S Xenon Strobe Beacon
B400SLH E2S Status Beacon [Halogen Lamp]
AL121AXH E2S Appello X Recordable Sounder LED Beacon
K-SML05 E2S Motor Driven Siren
D112 E2S Alarm Sounder
A141 E2S High level audible warning system 141dB(A)

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