EX-Equipment > Мини-камера Kongsberg OE15-108

Мини-камера Kongsberg OE15-108

M3 Kongsberg Multibeam Sonar System
GT402 Kongsberg For level measurement on service tanks in the engine room
MN3215 Kongsberg Protection well
MN2380 Kongsberg Protection well
MN3795 Kongsberg Protection well
GA-110 Kongsberg Thermocouple amplifier for rail mounting
MN3238 Kongsberg Surface Temperature Sensor
OE2800 Kongsberg Fluorescein Dye Detection System
OE15-122/123 Kongsberg Monochrome Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ) Camera
1007D Kongsberg Underwater altimeter
MN3286 Kongsberg Temperature sensor with individual wires
GMDSS Kongsberg Simulator
VDR Kongsberg Stand alone Voyage Data Recorder
MN3767FU Kongsberg Room Temperature Sensor
MN3170 Kongsberg Resistance temperature sensor with connection box

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