HE559DQM606 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE693RTM705 Horner Modbus master module for Series 90-30 with 1 RS-232 port, RTU
HE693BEM310 Horner SDS Bus Interface Module
HE500TIU110 Horner Operator Station TIU110, 8x20, LCD, Num Keypad
HEXT351C215 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE-XMC Horner Telephone Modem
ACC008 Horner Screw-Clamp I/O Plug, 8 Pin
HE-SS-100-2C1 Horner SmartServo System
HEXE220C015 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HE660SER211 Horner Genius sequential event recorder with 8 inputs (30-300VDC) with 1ms re solution, network synchronization, and IRIG-B.
HE559DQM602 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE693OIU357-02 Horner OIU, VF Display with Function Keys and LED's, European Chars., 80-260VAC
HE300IBS100 Horner Interbus-S interface board for AF300E$ drives.
HE599DQM502 Horner SmartRail I/O
HE800DAC101 Horner SmartStack I/O
HEXT240C113 Horner XLt, Compact Touch Screen OCS
RCS210 Horner RCS-PLC Remote Control Station
HE-XEC Horner 10/100 Ethernet (Not required on XL4 as full Ethernet is built in)
HE500TIU103 Horner Operator Station TIU100, 8x20, LCD + DeviceNet
HE693CAL101 Horner CAN Open CAL101
HEFOX30 Horner Plastic SmartStack FOX Base for Plastic Fiber Optic Cables
HE800ADC920 Horner SmartStack I/O
CBL112 Horner I/O Extension Cable, 12 Pin, 1.0M
HE999GEF200 Horner OCS 200 Starter Kit. 8DI/8DO. Includes OCS200, DIQ616, Progr. Cable, Software & Manuals on CD.
HE693PBM101 Horner Series 90-30 Profibus DP master module
HE500TIU111 Horner Operator Station TIU110, 8x20, LCD, Num Keypad + Cscan
HE660CGM224 Horner Genius C Programmable Co-processor with (2) RS-232 ports
HE-SS-030-2C1 Horner SmartServo System
HE999GEF033 Horner MiniOCS Starter Kit with OCS033, 8DC-IN, 8 DC-Out. Progr. Cable, Software & Manuals on CD.
HE693XTADP Horner 9-pin to 25-pin adapter for HE693SNPCBL, HE693CBL222 and 25-pin serial ports
HE693ADC415 Horner 700Vac Isolation, 14-bit resolution, 4ch., 4-20mA/0-20mA Analog Input
HE693OIU057-01 Horner Mini OIU, LCD Display, 24VDC
HE579ACM300 Horner AC Power Monitor (3-phase). Complete power measurements including voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.
HE693SRC844 Horner PC Interface C Driver Source Code
HE693DAC420 Horner 4ch., 4-20mA/0-20mA Analog Output, 2000Vac Isolation, 13-bit resolution
HE800THM100 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE693TCUCBL Horner Cable, for Thumbwheel Interface Unit, (6 ft.)
HE693CBLSNP Horner 9-pin RS-232 cable only
HE800DIQ627 Horner SmartStack I/O
HEXT240C100 Horner XLt, Compact Touch Screen OCS
HEFOX100 Horner Plastic SmartStack FOX Module

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