EX-Equipment > Модуль HORNER ELECTRIC HE697THM160


HEXE220C212 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HEXE220C112 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HE550DIM710 Horner
HE800DIQ722 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE693LIB844 Horner Borland, Microsoft compatible C Libraries for IC693PIF300
HE610ASC241 Horner
HE800STP100 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE459DIQ816 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE660SER160 Horner Sequential Event Recorder, 16pt 24VDC
HEXT350C213 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HELX300C100 Horner VGA low cost Touch Screen Controller
HE800DIQ935 Horner SmartStack I/O
HEXT351C100 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
A2078-ND Horner D-Sub Connector 44 (Male)
HE660GGM100 Horner RTU/Modbus slave device with (1) Genius + (1) RTU/Modbus port
HE500TIU101 Horner Operator Station TIU100, 8x20, LCD + Cscan
HE693THM666 Horner Series 90-30 6 channel thermocouple input module
HE-GSM04ANT Horner GSM Modem Module kit with T-Bar Antenna
HE693OIU907-03 Horner OIU, VF Display with Function Keys, Genius I/F, European Chars., 24VDC
HE500CBL003 Horner AB SLC500 to TIU100/110 cable
HE693ADC409 Horner 4-ch.+/-25mV, +/-50mV, +/-100mV
HE693OIU177 Horner Compact VF OIU powered by 24VDC with Numeric Keypad
HE800DQM202 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE599ESW800 Horner DIN-rail mounted 8-port 10/100 Ethernet switch (unmanaged). 12-48Vdc powered, dual-power supply, metal construction.
HE-QX651C Horner High Resolution Touch Screen Controller
HE800RTD100 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE500OCS037 Horner Mini OCS
HEXT240C112 Horner XLt, Compact Touch Screen OCS
HE599DIQ512 Horner SmartRail I/O
HE693THM449 Horner 4 ch. J, K, N, T, E, R, S, 0.5 deg C resolution, deg C/deg F units, open circuit alarms
HE500TIU110-02 Horner Operator Station TIU110, 8x20, LCD, Num Keypad +RTC
HE693THM889 Horner 8 ch. J, K, N, T, E, R, S, 0.5degC resolution, degC/F units, open circui t alarms
HE693DNT750 Horner DeviceNet Slave Module for 90-30
HE579DAC107 Horner Analogue Output Module. 4 Isolated Analogue Outputs (mA, V), 14-bit resolution
HE-SS-240-2C1 Horner SmartServo System
HE693STP111 Horner STP110E w/optical isolation, independent accel/decel
HE610RLY110 Horner
HE500CBL039 Horner Mitsubishi FX Series to TIU cable (except 100/110)
HE500TIU102 Horner Operator Station TIU100, 8x20, LCD + Profibus
HE-SS-120-4C1 Horner SmartServo System

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