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Модуль LumaSense Luxtron m600

Pyrometer IMPAC ISR 50-LO LumaSense
Pyrometer IGA 50-LO/LP plus LumaSense
Gas Analyzer ANDROS 6520 LumaSense
Pulsar II 7000 Infrared temperature measurement system LumaSense
Multi-Gas Monitor INNOVA 1316 LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO plus LumaSense
SmartDGA Gauge LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC ISR 320 LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 140-TV LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IN 5/5-H plus LumaSense
Quasar M8100FM Flare Stack Flare Monitor LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IGA 320/23 LumaSense
Luxtron m600 OEM Module LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 310 LumaSense
Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1314i LumaSense
LumaSpection TS724DV LumaSense
Thermal Imager MIKRON M7815 LumaSense
Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor OTG-TC2 LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IGA 320 LumaSense
Calibration source M 315 X (X4, X6, X8, X12) LumaSense
MWIR Pearl OEM Camera LumaSense

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