EX-Equipment > Панель оператора HORNER ELECTRIC HE693OIU277F

Панель оператора HORNER ELECTRIC HE693OIU277F

HE599DAC101 Horner SmartRail I/O
CBL119 Horner I/O Extension Cable, 19 Pin, 1.0M
HE459DQM706 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE800ADC110 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE660BGM224 Horner Genius BASIC Programmable Co-processor with (2) RS-232 ports
HE579RTD200 Horner Isolated RTD Input Module, 8 channel. Supports Pt-100 & Pt-1000. 0.1°C or F resolution. 0.1% accuracy, typical
HE-SS-060-2C1 Horner SmartServo System
HEXT351C112 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE693OIU327-01 Horner OIU, VF Display with Function Keys, 24VDC
HE800ETN100 Horner
HEXE220C013 Horner XLe, Compact OCS
HEXT350C115 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE693RLY110 Horner 8 Point Isolated Relay Module 2 NO/NO 6 NO
HE800DAC106 Horner SmartStack I/O
HE-SS-060-4C1 Horner SmartServo System
HE693PBS105 Horner Profibus DP slave module
HE500TIU10X Horner Mono Graphics TIU
HEXT501C115 Horner XL10e, 10.4" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE500TIU100 Horner Operator Station TIU100, 8x20, LCD
HE800FOX404 Horner Metal SmartStack FOX Base/Hub
HE500OCS033 Horner Mini OCS
HE599ETX200 Horner SmartRail I/O
HE670ACC100 Horner Field Control 8 Point Input Simulator
HEFOX12 Horner Plastic SmartStack FOX Base for Glass Fiber Optic Cables
HE660BGM424 Horner Genius BASIC Prog. Co-processor with RS-232 and RS-422/485 ports
HE500TIU050 Horner Mono Graphics TIU
HEXT240C213 Horner XLt, Compact Touch Screen OCS
HE610ASC248 Horner
HE693RTD600 Horner 6 channel, 3-wire, 0.5C res., -100 to +850C range (Pt-100 ) RTD Input
HE459DQM602 Horner SmartStix I/O
HE500OCS035 Horner Mini OCS
HEXT391C114 Horner XL7, 7" WVGA TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE693DLL300 Horner PCIF-30 Windows DLL, single license
HE693OIU190 Horner Compact OIU, VF Display and Genius Interface, Custom for GM-Romulus
HEXT351C113 Horner XL6/XL6e, 5.7" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE670ADC840 Horner Field Control Analog Input Module, 8 Ch, 4 to 20ma, 400Vdc Channel to Channel Isolation, 1000Vdc Channel to Bus Isolation, 12Bits
HE700GEN200 Horner Dual-channel Genius interface module for VME.
HE-SS-015-2C1 Horner SmartServo System
HEXT251C113 Horner XL4, 3.5" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HEXT251C114 Horner XL4, 3.5" TFT Colour Touch Screen
HE800MIX211 Horner SmartStack I/O

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