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Податчик Bourg BSF-x

BST-e C.P. Bourg Suction Tower
BSF Carts C.P. Bourg Carts/Trolleys Bourg Sheet Feeder
BHCE C.P. Bourg High Capacity Elevator
BDFN-x C.P. Bourg Document Finisher Xerox
SQE C.P. Bourg Square Edge
BBL C.P. Bourg Book Loader
BDF-e C.P. Bourg Document Finisher
BPRFx C.P. Bourg Perforating Rotating Folding Xerox
Td C.P. Bourg Automatic Receding Stacker
BB3002 EVA C.P. Bourg Binder 3002 EVA
BSR C.P. Bourg Sheet Rotator
CMT330 C.P. Bourg Challenge Trimmer 330

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