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Преобразователь SAUTER EGQ110F001

V6R40F210 SAUTER Through valve, threaded, PN16, DN40, Kvs=16, lin
EY-IO533F001 SAUTER I/O-Module 8UI/4DI/4S0
RAK13.5050S SAUTER Safety temperature limiter130//95В°C, L=0.8m
BKR015F310-UU SAUTER 3-way control ball valvePN40, DN15, kvs6.3, 90В°
TMUP SAUTER Average-temperature transducer
HTP 151 SAUTER Duct transducer for relative humidity
EGT354F103 SAUTER Cable detector, Ni1000, l=3m
BUG020F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/25,DN20,kvs6.3,20mm
TUP242F001 SAUTER Pn.temp.transd.stem-type, 0-120В°C, L=214mm
V6R25F210 SAUTER Through valve, threaded, PN16, DN25, Kvs=6.3, lin
YZP420F999 SAUTER novaProOpen, Suite current CD
BUG032F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/25,DN32,kvs16,20mm
DSF152F001 SAUTER Pressure monitor0-16bar, stainless
AK43PF002 SAUTER Pneumatic actuator, 0.3-0.9bar
EGH111F002 SAUTER Duct humidity transduc, H%, +Temp.Ni1000, olive-yellow
BUL015F400 SAUTER Small 3-way valve, DN15G3/4A, Kvs=4.0, =%, Bypass
BUG050F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16/25,DN50,kvs40,20mm
DSL143F001 SAUTER Pressure limiter, min0-6bar, brass
XGP2F001 SAUTER Pneum pressure regulator, 0.2-1b (5-35В°C)
YZP426F002 SAUTER novaPro Open,Biometrie PID verification licence
RDT 724 SAUTER Ctrlr vent. air cond communic., universal
VDL020F220 SAUTER Valveco compactPN25, DN20, 100-575l/h
EYS155F101 SAUTER Plug-in card8 DO (0-I) LED
VUG040F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16/25,DN40,kvs25,20mm
TSH676F002 SAUTER Roomthermostat, therm.feedb230V~, white, Auto-N/R
RDT405F201 SAUTER Controller for ventilation24V~, 5 in- outputs
NRT 101 SAUTER Electronic room-temp. controller
AVM321S, 322S SAUTER SAUTER vialoq Valve drive SUT
VCL020F200 SAUTER Valveco, reg valve-dyn/hyd, PN16, DN20, 180-1300l/h
EY-LO625F001 SAUTER LO:op. units- Double unitDBE (12DI/6DO/4AO)
ASF 112, 113 SAUTER Damper drive with spring return
VUG015F304 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16/25,DN15,kvs4, 20mm
EGT 436 SAUTER Room-temp. sensor with platinum element
EY-FM264 SAUTER Field module4 DO (0-I)
DSB152F001 SAUTER Pressure monitor6-16bar, brass
TSH670F002 SAUTER Roomthermostat, therm.feedb230V~, 5-30В°C, white
BKR025F310-UU SAUTER 3-way control ball valvePN40, DN25, kvs10, 90В°
VUG065F316 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN16,DN65,kvs63,40mm
EGT356F103 SAUTER Cable detector, higher tempNi1000, l=3m
EGH681SF233 SAUTER viaSens681: Humidity/Temp, room sensor 24V, 0-10V
XAP2F001 SAUTER Position indicator, pot 2k, (former 274245000)
RXP210F001 SAUTER Pneum. VAV alarm unit,
VDL015F211 SAUTER Valveco comp. meas. nipplePN25, DN15, 65-370l/h
XSP31GF001 SAUTER Pneum.positioner, housing, (former 274534000)

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