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Преобразователь SAUTER HSUP

EY-RC502 SAUTER ecos502 - Room Automation Station
DSU210F001 SAUTER Pressure transducer, 24V~, 0-10b, stainl.sensor
DSU106F001 SAUTER Pressure transducer, 24V~, 0-6.0b, brass detector
EYS 155 SAUTER nova106, plugin card (8 x 0-I/4 x 0-I-II)
VCL015F220 SAUTER Valveco, reg valve-dyn/hyd, PN16, DN15, 30-210l/h
RDT 711 SAUTER Ctrlr for vent.& air-con advanced funct's
TMUP220F001 SAUTER Pneum average temp transd.5-35В°C
EYL225F001 SAUTER DDC20-114 I/O
BUL010F620 SAUTER Small 3-way valve, DN10D=15, Kvs=0.63, =%, compr.fit
TRT 227, 228 SAUTER Room thermostat for heating/cooling
AK31P1F001 SAUTER Pneumatic actuator, 0.3-0.9bar
RLE 150 SAUTER Room-pressure controller
VUD100F300 SAUTER Through flanged valvePN6,DN100,kvs124, 40mm
EY-WS500 SAUTER moduWeb Vision,BACnet Web Server
AVF 234S SAUTER SUT valve drive w. spring return action
EYB251F202 SAUTER User panel
XEP SAUTER e/p and p/e converter
BUG065F316 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN16,DN65,kvs63, 40mm
HSC 120 SAUTER Room humidistat
EYE202F001 SAUTER Room automation station,3 Relay
AVF124F130 SAUTER Valvedrive, spring return, 230V, 8mm=60/120s, 3pt, NC
AK31P2F001 SAUTER Pneumatic actuator, 0.2-0.6bar
ASM 1*5S F132 SAUTER Actuators with SUT 5, 10 Nm
BXL040F200 SAUTER Small 3-way valve, DN40, PN16, Kvs=9.5, lin
AXT201F112 SAUTER Thermal valve drive24V, NC, L=0.8m, 2Pkt, wh, 90N
BUG080F304 SAUTER Three-way flanged valvePN25/16,DN80,kvs100, 40mm
EY-CM710 SAUTER modu710 - Comm. Module with EIA-232
YZP416F101 SAUTER novaPro Open, DriverEY2400
XTP 2 SAUTER Time-lag relay
EYY 160 SAUTER novaLink160, field module 7 DO (0-I)
RDT815F211 SAUTER Controller for ventilation24V~, 15 I/O, LCD
GZS150F011 SAUTER CASE Suite Enterprise Licence without Maintenance
EY-CM731 SAUTER modu731 - Comm.Module w. M-Bus+EIA-232
RXP212F001 SAUTER Operating unitfor RXP210, vertical, 2pos.
SWMP36/24USB SAUTER Basic package with USB dongle including 250 addresse
DSU SAUTER Pressure transducer
RLE152F003 SAUTER Volume-flow controller continuous 4-400 Pa MA-SL
XGP2LF001 SAUTER Pneum pressure regulator, 0-1.2b, with amplifier
BKR SAUTER 3-way control ball valve
VXL025F201 SAUTER Small through valve, DN25, PN16, Kvs=5.5, lin, DP=4bar
TFL611F200 SAUTER Frost-protect.monitor, -15..50В°C, L=2m
HSUP SAUTER Room transducer for relative humidity
VUE SAUTER Through flanged valve, PN 16/10
EY-RU481 SAUTER ecoUnit481 - Room Operating Unit
VKR015F310-FF SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN15, kvs6.3, 90В°
AR30W22SF020 SAUTER Motor drive, positioner, 24V~, 90В°=60s

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