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Сенсорная панель SAUTER EY-OP250F001

YZP421F002 SAUTER novaPro Open,novaPLC Upgrade from 500 to 65000 Adr.
RXP 210 SAUTER Air-volume alarm unit
VKR015F340-UU SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN15, kvs1.6, 90В°
NRT 300 SAUTER Controller for heating-cooling
BKR020F310-UU SAUTER 3-way control ball valvePN40, DN20, kvs6.3, 90В°
EY-OP840F001 SAUTER Local control unit modu840 for EY modulo 5 AS
XYP 1 SAUTER Pneumatic test unit
AKF112F120 SAUTER Actuator, spring return, 2pt230V, 90В°=90s, 7Nm,
VKR025F320-UU SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN25, kvs6.3, 90В°
RDT828F211 SAUTER Controller for ventilation24V~, 28 I/O, LCD
GZS150F010 SAUTER CASE Suite Enterprise Licence
ESL125F001 SAUTER Electr.power controller25A, 5.8 KW, (230V~)
AVP 242...244 SAUTER Pneumatic valve drive
ASM 105, 115 SAUTER Actuator 5, 10 Nm
EY-BU292F001 SAUTER novaNet-Ethernet moduNet292,DIN rail installation
VXL015F260 SAUTER Small through valve, DN10, PN16, Kvs=0.03...0.51, lin
XEP110F001 SAUTER E-P converter, 2-10V, pn+el. amplifier
RCP 10, 11 SAUTER PI-controller
EYY 174 SAUTER novaLink174, field module 16 DI
HSC120F001 SAUTER Room humidistat, Screw terminals
NRT114F041 SAUTER Heating contr., room-type24V~, PI/3pt
VUL020F300 SAUTER Small through valve, DN20PN16, G 1A, Kvs=4.5, =%
VDL015F200 SAUTER Valveco compactPN25, DN15, 100-575l/h
XEP110F011 SAUTER E-P converter, 0-10V, pn+el. amplifier
EYI 280 SAUTER novaCom, communication interface
XMP0/5NDF001 SAUTER Pneum pressure gauge, 0-5mb (0.2-1b)
EYS110F001 SAUTER Plug-in card16 DI
TSHK670F001 SAUTER Fan-Coil roomthermostat, 230V, sequence, no switch
RDT711F002 SAUTER Controller for ventilation24V~,11 in- outputs
RXE 101 SAUTER Air-volume adding unit
TSO672F001 SAUTER Room thermostat, 5-30В°C, heat/cool, white
DSU225F001 SAUTER Pressure transducer, 24V~, 0-25b, stainl.sensor
EYB254F201 SAUTER User panel
GZS150F022 SAUTER CASE Suite Designer Time-Licence
HSC 101 SAUTER Build-in humidistat
EY-RU311F001 SAUTER ecos5 control unit, LCD,NTC, dXs, no frame
EQJW95WF001 SAUTER Heating controller 230Vanalog, week program
VKR050F310-FF SAUTER 2-way control ball valvePN40, DN50, kvs40, 90В°
VUL010F310 SAUTER Small trough valve, DN16PN16, G1/2A, Kvs=1.0, =%
EY-BU292F002 SAUTER novaNet-Ethernet Interface moduNet292,Desktop model
SDU101F004 SAUTER Diff.pressure transducer, 24V~, 0-1000Pa
B6R40F310 SAUTER 3way valve, threaded conn.PN16, DN40, Kvs=16, =%
EYZ484F001 SAUTER Curren Loop-/DL Converter
XRP103F001 SAUTER Pn.sequence relay, plug-in, (former 297510000)

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