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Сигнальная лампа AET WBR

F100BL AET Compact Horn and LED Beacon - 100 dB
PELI LAMP 1900 - Mitylite AET Compact Flashlight
O50B AET Permanent LED Panel Mount Indicator with buzzer - 80 dB @ 10 cm
TIP112 AET Electronic Waterproof horn - 112 dB
110 AET Panel mount Waterproof Buzzer IP65 – multi tone
501/421 AET ATEX HAWKE - IECEx glands for non-armoured cables
O530B AET Combined OptasonВ® Alarm Sounder 105 dB @ 1 m with Rotating Beacon O300
PIL105 AET PIL Combined sounder 105dB @ 1m and Flashing light 5 or 10J
AS-24-05 AET Uninterruptible power supply
2400Z1 StealthLite AET Flashlight for Zone 1
BLG-LED AET Multifunction and Waterproof LED light (IP67)
T123 AET High Output Electronic Siren - 123 dB
O270L AET Multicolour LED Column
PMF2015-SIL AET All-round Flashing Lights, 10 Joules SIL
PELI LIGHT: 3315Z0 AET ATEX Flashlight for Zone 0
9420-LED-J AET Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light
O400 AET Surface mounting Indicator OPTASONВ®
BRC-L AET Pre-wired Signal Tower
INDUTEL AET Polycarbonate Weatherproof Telephone with protection door
T130 AET High Output Electronic Siren - 130 dB
TS16S AET Sensing Edge for immediate activation
TL100X AET Combined alarm sounder TonaflashВ® 100 dB @ 1 m with Strobe Beacon - 5 Joules
ISMB1 AET Intrinsically safe LED Beacon
APELO121 AET Recordable alarm sounder
121BP AET Highly sensitive Ribbon Switch
DRGW21 AET Signalling Bell 105 dB @ 1 m, IP66
PL612 - GRP AET ATEX Junction box GRP
PELI LIGHT: 1900Z1 Mitylite AET ATEX Flashlight for Zone1
MHG11 AET Horn 108 dB @ 1 m, IP66
DEV20 AET High output Electronic Siren - 115 dB
107 AET Waterproof Buzzer IP65
DRGH21 AET Signalling Hooter 105 dB @ 1 m, IP66
GNExL1 AET Loudspeaker 15 Watts, GRP, SIL2, ATEX and IECEx, ZONES 1 and 2
T105 AET Electronic Siren - 105 dB
BEXS110 AET High output Electronic Siren - 117 dB
PELI LIGHT: L1 ZONE 0 - 1930 AET Mini LED Flashlight
BEXDL15 AET Loudspeaker 15 Watts, FRP, SIL2, ATEX and IECEx, ZONES 1, 2, 21 and 22
DS5-SIL AET Electronic Siren 105 dB SIL2 certified
DLX105 AET Combined Alarm sounder and flashing light for harsh industrial environments
F1 AET Alarm sounder
TS3 AET Contoured Ribbon Switches

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