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Система-конвертер MarFlex тип VSDS

EHP-45 MarFlex Electric Hydraulic Powerpack
MBDPC-400 MarFlex Ballast pump
MDPC-300 MarFlex Cargo pump
NQZR MarFlex Сonverter system
MDPD-150 MarFlex Cargo pump
MSP-500 MarFlex Portable submersible pump
MODP-200 MarFlex Cargo pump
DHP-60 MarFlex Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack
MDPD-80 MarFlex Cargo pump
MBDPC-200 MarFlex Ballast pump
MDPC-250 MarFlex Cargo pump
EHP-112 MarFlex Electric Hydraulic Powerpack
EHP-75 MarFlex Electric Hydraulic Powerpack
MSP-150 MarFlex Portable submersible pump

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