EX-Equipment > Светодиодная лампа Kongsberg OE11-150F

Светодиодная лампа Kongsberg OE11-150F

ALLSS Kongsberg Amphibious Low-Light Surveillance System
REMUS 600-S Kongsberg Autonomous underwater vehicle
OE12-100 Kongsberg Video Text Overlay Unit
MB237 Kongsberg Protection well for exhaust gas temperature sensor
MB742 Kongsberg Temperature Sensor with cable plug
cPAP Kongsberg ROV positioning in Long Base Line transponder array
C-Experience Kongsberg Handling of memos and sharing information
Seapath™ 330/330+ Kongsberg Dual Frequency GNSS (GPS and GLONASS)
MN531 Kongsberg Protection well
MN3306 Kongsberg Temperature Sensor Spring loaded with plug
C-Provision Kongsberg Vessel provision inventory system
RADius Kongsberg Relative position reference system
GN-11 Kongsberg Programmable signal converter
MB676 Kongsberg Temperature Sensor Spring loaded
GeoSwath Plus Kongsberg Multibeam echosounder

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