EX-Equipment > Тензодатчик ZEMIC H6TF-C3-2.0T-3B

Тензодатчик ZEMIC H6TF-C3-2.0T-3B

DTB2.G1 Zemic Terminal Tab
BE Series Zemic Strain Gage
Q47x20x 6.6 Zemic Miniature Sensor
2N Zemic Miniature Sensor
JB01 Zemic Junction box
TJ Series Zemic Waterproof Foil Strain Gages
RNF70-AE25 Zemic Compensation Resistor
1HM Zemic Miniature Sensor
DTB10.G2 Zemic Terminal Tab
H8Q Zemic Load Cell
2A Zemic Miniature Sensor
BQ Series Zemic Strain Gage
YB15 Zemic Pressure Transducer

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