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Тепловизор LumaSense MC320LHT

Thermal imager MC320F LumaSense
Calibration source M360 LumaSense
Calibration source M390 LumaSense
LWIR Pearl OEM Camera LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-Si-LO plus LumaSense
SmartDGA Guide LumaSense
Thermal Comfort Datalogger INNOVA 7701 LumaSense
Calibration source M305 LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 12-TSP LumaSense
LumaSMART iCore LumaSense
FEGT Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature Measurement System LumaSense
Pyrometer Series 6 with TV camera module LumaSense
KS 730 High Speed Pyrometer LumaSense
KG 730 High Speed Pyrometer LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IGAR 12-LO LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IN 5-L plus LumaSense
Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor OTG-T LumaSense
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 6 Advanced LumaSense
Multipoint Sampler INNOVA 1309 LumaSense
Thermal imager MC320MHT LumaSense
Thermal Imager MCS640 LumaSense

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