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Усилитель Tettex 5287

5270 Tettex Voltage Supply
2763 Tettex Automatic instrument transformer test set
TMS 580 Tettex Transformer Measuring Sytem
2292 Tettex High Current Winding Resistance Meter
MiDAS 2880 Tettex Mobile Insulation Diagnosis & Analysing System
AKV 9330 Tettex Partial Discharge Testing of Power Capacitor
2914 Tettex Precision Test Cell for solid insulants
TTR 2796 Tettex Transformer Turns Ratio Meter, 250 V
2903 Tettex Precision Test Cell for liquid insulants
2285d Tettex Transformer Test System
5289 Tettex Resonating Inductor
2226a Tettex Microohm Meter

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